What are the benefits of having a fast-loading WordPress site?


You may be wondering what the benefits of having your website or blog load fast are. They my not be many but they definitely are very important.

One, it affects your traffic. Two, it affects sales. Three, it affects rank. I mean Google ranks.

If you sell on your site, no doubt you don’t want people looking in and then going away to somewhere else because they can’t enter the site. So you have to find ways of making your site load fast.

You can check how fast your website loads here: https://www.webpagetest.org/

The same story goes for your site page load on mobile devices. Check to see that your site loads properly on your phone and your friend’s phone. It’s a good way to give optimal experience to your visitors.

So you may be trying many ways to make sure your page runs faster. Don’t worry, there is a tool to help you with that. Click here to see and start making your WordPress site working optimally in no time!