Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) Barrier Reduce Airborne Sound Insuation Material



MLVinsulation is a professional mass loaded vinyl manufactory. MLVinsulation is specialized in the R&D, manufacturing, marketing and sales of MLVand vibration damping products, and we are a high-tech company, being able to provide customers perfect sound insulation materials.

MLV Barrier Reducing Airborne Noise Insuation Materials
1.Easily to cut, saw & trim
2.Aesthetically pleasing
4.Excellent sound insulation

Our Products

Best Insulation for Soundproofing Acoustic Wall Insulation Panel
Interior Acoustic Soundproof Door for Cinema, Studio, KTV
Sound Absorbing Material Acoustic Isolation Sound Proof Pads
Wood and Steel Soundproofing Door Acoustic Board Wall Panels

We are based on the domestic market, aiming at expanding foreign market, so our sound proof material products are popular in the market of Sofia Bulgaria, Albuquerque United States, Nice France, Bogotá Colombia, Ankara Turkey, Kagoshima Japan, Southampton United Kingdom, Winnipeg Canada, Tel Aviv Israel, Katowice Poland, Pretoria South Africa, Seattle United States, etc.

Some of our MLV High Quality Vinyl Barrier To Block Sound Between Walls Ceilings Floors Machinery projects are Taishan City Government Office, Zhuzhou City People’s Congress Conference Room, Yichang Town Hubei Province, Hong Kong St Stephen’s College Sports Center, Sichuan Conservatory Of Music Performance Hall, Jardine House in Xinjiang, etc.