Zidane: My role model – V. Moses


Starting his international football career from Crystal Palace was a big deal to Victor Moses, who at the present time plays for West Ham. At club side, playing football is marvelous, as he enjoys stardom at this point.

“I play hard as I can to win games, football is fun and I enjoy playing. The best way to succeed is to stay away from injuries. Other ways to survive is to eat right and rest enough, especially before the match day.”

Moses looks up to Zidane, who he says is a true legend in the game, now Real Madrid manager, Zidane is a teacher on the pitch. For that, everyone always enjoyed watching him play when he was still an active footballer.

Moses also has some very fond memories of great achievements he was involved in, playing for his country Nigeria.

“My best moment was when I first played for my national side. Nigeria won the African Nations Cup. That really means a lot to me and that was my first tournament for the national side. I really enjoyed every single bit of it. Our team played performed well to make our nation proud. That was the first moment for me in national side and now I feel good knowing that I’ve done my part for my country, making the nation proud,” says Moses.

“I don’t really know much outside of football when I’m playing football. All I just want to do is play football. I just want to go out there, express myself, enjoy my football, go home and chill with my family.

“I also thank fans that are supporting us. They surely bring the best out of us and it’s just a good thing to show love to our fans for their support. That’s why I respect them and always want to do the best I can both at the national side and at the club side so I can make them happy,” Moses concludes.

Being young, Moses feels that there are still achievements out there for him. He believes he still got a long way to go and he still wants to score more goals and achieve more. Hopefully, God willing, he says, he will get there.