Why you should drink warm milk every morning


Health Benefits of Drinking Warm Milk

Some people wouldn’t even think of drinking milk. Do you know why? They say that it is a sure way to a runny belly. You’ll go to to let several times a day.

Warm Milk Nutrition Basics

Whether you drink your milk warm or cold, you’ll take in nutrient-dense calories. Skim or nonfat milk, not surprisingly, contains fewer calories per serving — 83 per cup, or significantly less than the 122 calories in 2 percent milk — which makes it your best bet if you’re on a weight-loss diet.

These calories come from a mix of healthy protein and carbs and, if you go for reduced-fat milk, some fat. Each cup of warm milk has about 12 grams of natural sugar, which fuels your muscles and brain, plus 8 grams of complete protein, which contains all the amino acids you need for cellular and tissue growth. Complete protein is especially important for staying fit and healthy. It nourishes your muscle tissues, keeps your immune system strong and even helps you make essential hormones. If you choose warm milk that has a bit of fat in it — like 2 percent milk, with 5 grams of fat per cup — you’ll also get an energy boost.

Below are some further benefits

Health Benefits for Your Bones 

Milk is a great source of vitamin B-12