Short story for those who want SDGs to succeed


I met this guy on my way back from work, months ago. This day was just one of those days I just wanted to have a party with my earpiece and music playlist after a long day; but some people all in the name of ‘socialising’ won’t just let that happen. Arrrrgggh!

“This fuel scarcity will soon make everyone to start using skateboards. No more cars on the road, we we’ll all be swinging left and righ, to and fro work” I heard him say while laughing.

“Did he just crack a joke? Comedy is not his calling but he is answering” I thought to myself.

Won’t you like to have one? He asked

It better not be me he is talking to cos I ain’t in the mood.

Won’t you like to have one? He questioned again, facing my direction.

“One what?” I asked irritatingly

“Skate Boards” he replied

“Do you want to buy for me” I replied with the ‘PLEASE JUST SHUT UP’ look.

“Sometimes, I just wonder if it will be possible to achieve the SDG Goals in Nigeria when we still find it difficult solving the basic problems in Nigeria” Did I just hear him say that?

“Really? You know about SDGs” I asked, facing him with a bright smile. It was my turn to be loquacious.

“Before nko, who doesn’t know about SDG?” He replied like we were having a knowledge contest. Mtchhew!

To cut the long the long story short we talked about the SDGs, work, situation in Nigeria and other things I cannot really remember. But what annoyed me during the conversation was that he kept asking questions to test how vast my knowledge was and to see if I was the no-brainer girl. Imagine oh! Thank God I regularly source for information online, if not, that is how this guy would have used me to measure his knowledge prowess. He does not know I serve a living God.

I’m sure you can correctly guess how the conversation ended…

Can I have your number? He asked politely.

Honestly, there was no intelligent excuse I could think of, so I just had to give him.

After that day, this guy did not allow my phone rest oh……..He started competing with 4100, 34245, 256 and all those annoying service provider messages.

How are you?

Have you eaten today?

Did you go to work?

How was work?

When will I see your face again?

He never misses to ask these questions like I am his only child that left home for boarding school. Phew!

Two weeks into the third month of knowing him, I WAS DAMN BROKE that I had to start eating like I was watching my skinny weight; waiting

for my next pay cheque like it was the second coming of Christ. I’m trying so hard right now in restraining myself from abusing my employer.

He didn’t disappoint, as usual, he called. Knowing his regular questions, I picked.

How are you?

“I am fine, you?” I replied gently

“I am good too. Have you eaten?”

“NO” – I almost shouted

Will I be able to see you after work?

Errrrr…….Alright. Where?

“Around that place we entered a bus the other time. Don’t worry, I will text you the name of the restaurant. “

“Okay” I said as he hung up.

I was happy a saviour had come to my rescue me from the bondage of hunger and ‘broke-ness’ or so I thought.

I arrived the restaurant a bit late due to traffic, when I got there, I saw him standing outside and I noticed the restaurant had closed for the day.

I was calm…maybe he had another place we could go.

Only for him to say he forgot the restaurant closes early, that we should just hang around.

I should hang around like a street robber? Wait oh! Ayam not understanding. Isn’t there another restaurant we could go? I asked

He told me the ‘posh’ restaurants have closed and besides, it is too late to start looking for a restaurant. So we can just hang around another place.

I said okay, and guess his best hang out alternative…… in an ABOKI’S Kiosk!


My hope for free supper just got ruined!

I would have jejely gone home to drink garri with 50 Naira groundnut rather than hanging out in an Aboki’s kiosk. Warrisdis

I stayed just because I did not want to be tagged as being rude or one who chases material stuff.

He ordered for meat pie and soft drink as we just sat on the bench outside the kiosk.

As I took the first bite of the meat pie, I realised it was a ‘Meatless Pie’…….just PIE without MEAT

I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to tell him I had to leave because I needed to wake up early tomorrow for work.

He said okay and said he’d like us to do this another time.

DO WETIN When I am not mad.

I left in pain. Unfortunately, the places I could buy groundnut to drink garri when I get home had closed.

I just slept like that……. not without abusing him though.


Thinking about what happened made me realise that Nigeria needs overhauling…

I don’t deserve to me owed salary. Why do some employers take advantage of the situation in Nigeria?….to an extent that they treat their staff unfairly and keep ringing it into your ears “There is no work in Nigeria, so you better manage anyone you see”

Is this what Nigeria has been reduced to? Meat pie is sold without meat being inside; eggroll is sold with just a pinch of egg inside it. Kai!

90% of Nigerians are in ‘survival mode’ Why?

We deserve to be treated better.

For us to be treated better, we need to achieve the following Sustainable Development Goals in Nigeria

Goal 1: End poverty in all its forms everywhere.

If everyone could afford the basic things of life, no one would opt for a ‘Meatless Pie’ or an ‘Eggless Eggroll’.

Goal 2: End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

If there was sustainable agriculture and food security in Nigeria, I won’t be buying a ‘Meatless Pie’.

Goal 8: Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all.

I hope every employer sees this. Please, stop treating employees like slaves!

SDG 10 – Reduce inequality.

The gap between the rich and the poor keeps getting wider. Sadly the middle income earners have been eliminated. It is either you are poor or rich. Do you agree?[i][/i]

It is time to for us all to contribute individually and collectively to make this happen. Sole dependence on the government (especially now that the Nigerian Government isn’t delivering as much as we expected) cannot make us achieve these targets.

Please we can’t get out of this mess if we don’t collaborate to fight it. We can’t keep waiting for the government. It is left for you and me to do something.

Dear affluent, influential, benevolent people and organisation, we can make this happen. Your little contribution within your environment or community can go a long way.

Even those in power/government, since Government as a body is doing little or nothing to curb the predicament in Nigeria, you can do something

individually, so the credit can be given to you as an individual.

If you have decided to do something SUSTAINABLE but don’t know how to go about it;

If you are already contributing to Sustainable Development in Nigeria;

If you know someone who is capable of contributing to Sustainable Development in Nigeria;

If you have suggestions on how to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals or how one can contribute to the goals;

PLEASE, do that in the comment section or email –


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