I didn’t say snake swallowed 36m naira – Philomena Chiesche tells CNN


Controversy is trailing the disappearance of $100,000 from the coffers of Nigeria’s examination board. The exam board alleges that a clerk in Benue State has blamed a snake for swallowing the missing money. The money was supposed to be remitted to the agency. Fabian Benjamin, spokesman of the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board, told CNN that a staffer confessed to auditors a snake had “swallowed” the missing money. “She confessed that she had the money, kept it in a vault in the office but a snake came and swallowed the money,” Benjamin told CNN.

The clerk, identified as Philomena Chiesche, denied the allegations, saying the exam board invented the story about the snake. She also accused the exam board of turning her in to authorities, who she claims still haven’t questioned her about the missing funds. Social media erupted at the nature of the allegations. A Twitter account has been made for the snake. Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission tweeted that the agency’s national symbol, the eagle, shows no mercy for “money-swallowing snakes.”

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