Why Game of Thrones is the biggest thing that happened to movies recently


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Almost everyone loves Game Of Thrones series. Check it out, in almost all countries of the world, the movie is the thing most people talk about when relating heroic season movies.

However, probably, few people knew that Game of Thrones withstood all the piracy and hacks stories that occurred lately, showing that the movie was more powerful than most of its peers.

HBO wasn’t even afraid when hackers threatened to release a hacked version of the seventh season recently. Despite all odds, the movie still racked up massive audiences at the theaters!

Even when fans have something to worry about as far as Game of Thrones is concerned, the brains behind the season film are never worried. And you know why; at least by now.

Even any unlikely or strange performance goes in the film, the crowds keep coming.

That alone gives the makers more confidence than ever.