6 Dangerous Sets of People You Will Find in A Typical Workplace Johnspeak Uwangue


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The workplace can be very intriguing, interesting, fun and dangerous at the same time due to the different kinds of people you will find there. To some people, meeting this kinds of human beings can be very surprising as well devastating. The workplace isn’t just a place where products or services or both are taken to the public but a place where knowledge can be learnt and experience gathered. Some years ago while still in the University, I visited a aunty of mine who happens to work in my school and after presenting the normal food to me, she presented something else to me, gist. She told me of a colleague of hers who went into her own office, sat on her own chair and instantly became paralyzed. I couldn’t doubt her story because that wasn’t the first time of hearing a story like hers. This kind of events are always perpetrated by dangerous colleagues.

Since today’s article isn’t about workplace wars, I’d rather talk about the different kinds of people you will find in a typical workplace while we postpone the teaching on workplace wars till next time.

– The I Have Been Here Before You
This set of people will always remind you that they joined the organization before you. This set of people can be very dangerous if not properly managed.

– The I Am The Boss Here
This set of people are superiors who won’t waste time to let you know who they are. You aren’t dragging position with them but due to their insecurity, they’d always think you are after their job.

– The Pretenders
This set of colleagues would pretend to be good to you. They may even take your sides during an argument. They can go as far as shunning other colleagues for you to think they’re the nice guys. They may even visit you at home or invite you to spend the weekend at their place not because they are good but they just want to know your deepest fear and secrets. Quarrel with this set of people at your own risk and watch them open up to everyone everything you have told them.

– The ‘Eye Service’ People
This set of people carry companies issues on their heads even if they are not experienced or skilled or talented to handle them. ‘eye service’ is not bad itself but becomes a problem when you uses your service to threaten the job of your colleagues.

– The ITK
The ITKs are the set of people who always think they know everything. They are the ‘I too know’. This set of people doesn’t take correction and when you try to correct them they lose it. In order to let them take words from you, you need to tell them about your previous achievement so that they will know that you are not a novice.

– The Friends of The Boss
You will always find this dangerous set of people in a typical workplace. This people doesn’t work in your organization but are good friends of your boss who are either Unemployed or live close to your organization. This set of people will always pocnose into the affairs of a company without an invitation. This people can either be males or females. Some males who fall into this category sometimes uses this influence to sleep with female staffs in the organization and when their advances are turned down they become dangerous.

This set of people are everywhere but with proper knowledge of who they are and how they operate, one can put them in check.

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