Footballers kits: What happens after the match is played


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What happens to the used kits of football players after a match?
(1)The number of times a kit being used
varies from different clubs to different occasion.
Normally, however big the club, they try to use the same kit for one or two matches at least to minimize the cost involved. They normally have a kit man who ensures players have at least a clean pair of kit at their disposal at all times.

Albert Morgan, Manchester United Kit man

(2) According to Naman Mehra
If it is a big match, they are part of memoriblia. Some go for charity, some get sold.
About the normal league games,
many big clubs let it go for charity. Many smaller clubs cannot afford
new kits each game, so they re-use them.

(3)According to a comment from an anonymous user :These kits are either exchange with other players or go on the walls of players home memorabilia.