Wedding gift explodes, husband dead, wife seriously injured


A newly-married software engineer has died after a courier package, thought to be a gift for his wedding gift exploded in his face as he opened it. Soumya Ranjan Sahoo’s new wife Reema was critically injured by the blast in the Balangir district of Odisha, India, and remains in hospital. His grandmother Jemamani also lost her life. The couple wed on 18 February 2018. ‘Beyond recognition’ Patnagarh sub-divisional police officer Seshadeb Bariha told Times of India that the parcel contained a “high-grade explosive”. ” We suspect it was covered with gelatin tightly bound with twine,” he said. “The impact of the explosion was such that the kitchen in which it was opened destroyed completely beyond recognition.” Love rivals As of yet, no suspect has been detained in connection to the blast. “We are looking into it from all angles,” Bariha added. He said they were looking into any potential colleagues who held a grudge against the engineer, who worked outside the state, as well as any potential love rivals who disagreed with the marriage.

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