Life, Relationship & S£X: Diary Of A Sickle Cell Patient (1)


Sunday came. Urs truly was high on love, hyperactive. Took a longer time than usual to take care of my looks, re arranged the room a bit, sprayed air freshener around. Jenny is coming. Later @ noon she came. She came in wearing a silk blue gown, lowly cut @ the chest. Her luscious breasts peeping out. The gown was knee length. Her body was smooth, soft and Sekxy. She wore a Sekxy smile to cap it all. We settled in the room. Bryan Adams sang softly and huskily from the stereo. She instantly la!d on the bed and I la!d beside her, she shifted her head on my chest and said, “there’s something I’ll like u to tell u.”. I froze. “What would that be?” I asked.

“Do u know that I recorded all our extra cool converstions ?”She said shyly.

I laughed, taken aback for an instant. Where is this leading? My mind was thinking. “Y did u do that?” I asked. “Cos ur voice is so Sekxy. I always listen to it again and again after u dropped d call. It makes me wanna kiss you” she said burying her head in my chest. I could smell her perfume. “That’s cool” was all I could manage to say. 
“Do u wanna hear it now with me?”
 She asked, a kind of expectant expression on her face. I didn’t wana disappoint her. “Okay” I said.

She brought out her fone and clicked play on her media. Our voices came up. I lowered Bryan Adams. I could identify the converstion as the 1st night we started extra cool. My fone was truly really Sekxy on fone. It was cool, husky and low. Her arms around me, she looked up to me. I saw her lips part a bit, I took her chin in my hand, steadied her head and I kissed her deeply. She accepted it. Her mouth opened and my tongue dug in. We kissed with passion.

Fire coursing up and down our veins. I pushed her on her back and rolled up on her. I stuck my mouth back on hers and crushed her lips with mine. She m0aned deep down from her throat.

I could feel her legs part, accomodating my already hard JT. JT fitted snugly in between her legs. The only thing stopping its entrance is her p@nties. I slid my hand down to her chest and cupped her breasts, I tried to free them from the bra but the gown was getting in the way. I stood up, brought her to sitting level and undressed her. I could see that she was shy but she didn’t resist. I la!d her back on the bed, she covered her breasts with her hands and looked @ me. “Come to me” she said. She was smooth from top to toe. Her K!ttyC@t hairs were finely even and recently trimmed. It felt warm wen I touched it. She shivered @ my touch. I parted her legs and inserted my tongue in her K!ttyC@t. I licked her cl!toris. It was pink and livid. She grabbed my head and held it in. It smelt fresh and fruity. I sU-Cked in and she arched her waist inward. She called my name “Lummy, I love it. Give me more pls.” I inserted my fingers and sU-Cked @ the same time.