See what Nigerian are saying about Zuma’s resignation

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Since his 30-minute resignation speech, Jacob Zuma has taken the world by surprise and many people worldwide are talking about it. Punch newspapers chronicles the Nigerian perspectives of Jacob Zuma’s resignation.

Here are some of their tweets:

South African have taken the lead once to show not all African countries are the same in terms of governance. I guess Nigeria should learn from this

Jacob Zuma was so bad and corrupt that South Africans had to force him to resign before the end of his term

But Zuma has a statue in Nigeria for his exemplary leadership and contribution to society.😭

Nigeria worships buffoonery.We are the joke of Africa

Good move. it’s takes boldness and a great sense of national concern for a leader to do this…unlike his “Nigerian Colleague”. 

Nigeria is doomed as it is cos no matter how BAD a RULER is, he will get MILLIONS of people to line d streets and sing his praises. It’s a pathetic situation.

Bye bye Zuma. Don’t worry, you have a statue in Imo State, Nigeria. Just in case your people don’t make one for you.

It’s actually good that he resigned on He never loved SA. At least in Nigeria they see good in him(statue) and there’s Dubai before hawks arrest him. I (we) don’t feel sorry for him. ‘inja

Mugabe has gone. Jacob Zuma has followed. Sai Baba President Buhari, I’m not even saying you should resign immediately. Do finish your term but pls sir resign from contesting in 2019. Nigeria needs younger and modern minded leaders @Gidi_Traffic

Congratulations South Africa as Jacob Zuma resigns.
How I wish Nigeria President can take this bold step too


Very rare to see any Nigeria politicians resign from office. Look at how Zuma bowed out. We citizens are part of why our corrupt politicians still in office.

So like play like play Jacob Zuma is now FORMER PRESIDENT OF SOUTH AFRICA.
When are we ever going to see a president resign in Nigeria 🇳🇬.

An African president voluntarily resigns without the military leaving their barracks?
Surely there’s hope for Nigeria

South Africans continue voting for criminals. You will not only have a junk status, you will become Junk Shithole Republic of South Nigeria.

I don’t know how a nation can be so dumb as to vote for someone with over 700 criminal charges.