Request repair of your electronics online in Nigeria


Nigeria is really getting there technologically speaking. Now you can look for services so far away from you and through your phone or laptop screen make decisive decisions or what to buy. That trend is expanding to electronic repairs now.

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Productivity is key when working with any gadget. However, when gadgets become faulty, it has a way of reducing efficiency which sometimes causes strain on the mind. In Nigeria, the first place to think of when looking for a place to repair gadgets is the “Computer Village”. However, many people try to avoid this place probably because of their bad experience or stories of how clients have been duped. Fixers looks to take off the stress that comes with gadget repair.

Fixers is an online platform that allows users to request a repair of their electronics from the convenience of their home.

Launched on October 28, 2017, by a three-man team; Nnuekwe Emmanuel, Ema Toyin, and Adu Michael, the platform connects users with vetted service providers within their location.

How Fixers works

Users simply register, fill and submit a request containing details of the device. Upon submission, a repairer is sent over to pick up the gadget for repair and return at a stipulated time given by the client.

Fixers claims to have repairmen all over the states in Nigeria which gives them an edge over other players in the market.

Do you want to repair your electronics? Visit the online platform to get started.