Albert Einstein quotes that will make you think, cry, inspired

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Read the following quotes from Albert Einstein, the great GERMAN Physist. For sure, his life itself will inspire you.

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*Anyone who have not made a mistake never tried out something new.
*If you can’t explain it to a six year old, then you don’t know it yourself.
*You can’t solve a given problem at same level that the problem was created.
*The two ways you should live your life are; first, as though everything is a miracle and second, as though nothing is a miracle.
*Wisdom isn’t a product of schooling; but as a result of a life long desire to acquire it.
*Logic will take you from A to Z, but imagination will take you everywhere.
*Imagination is the highest form of research.
*We wouldn’t have called it ‘research’ if we already knew it all.
*Give me an hour to solve a problem and i will spend 55mins thinking about the given problem.
*If ‘A’ is success, then A is x+y+z; where ‘x’ is work, ‘y’ is play and ‘z’ is the ability to keep mouth shut.
*Life is like a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.