Africa or America; where should you go next?

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There are multiple factors to consider when you are travelling outside your own country from Africa. You have to think about what the weather is like when you are travelling, or what the food will be like. In this article, you will even see more considerations to ponder over as you make your travel plans in 2018…

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After having spent a majority of the year saving up for a memorable holiday experience, many people may very well be questioning where their next holiday should be – and it’s not always an easy decision!

To ensure you have the holiday of a lifetime, we’ve decided to focus on two of the best – America and Africa.

We’ve collated the pros and cons of both countries in order for you to make a better-informed decision where you should travel to this year!

Travel Considerations

One factor few people consider when deciding whether their next holiday should be in America or Africa is the travel aspect.

Ultimately, your travel experience will depend not only on where you’re going but also how and where you are travelling from in order to reach your holiday destination.

Those visiting America from the UK require an ESTA, and should you choose to fly to America, you can apply here: 

Similarly, those from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand also require a visa in order to enter the country.

Moreover, when deciding where your next holiday should be, you should also consider how long it takes to arrive.

You can expect a flight to South Africa to be around 11 hours, but a flight from the United Kingdom to the United States is just 7.6 hours.

Nervous flyers may benefit from a shorter flight to begin with before they broaden their horizons, whereas experienced travellers may be more willing to sit tight for the long haul!

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The Weather

When it comes to deciding where your next holiday should be between Africa or America, Africa certainly comes out top place where the weather is concerned. After all, Africa is the hottest continent in the world.

Even though temperatures are significantly higher in desert areas, particularly in the Sahara, those more sensitive to the sun can find far cooler areas across the south of Africa amongst the mountains and highlands.

Whilst Africa is much hotter than America, if you visit Africa between October and April you can expect annual rainfall of up to 50mm, so when booking your flight to this tropical country, be sure to avoid the wet season for a rain-free holiday!

If you want to travel between these months, America could be your best option to avoid consistent downpour.

Whilst America experience temperatures no more than 10°C during winter, it’s the prime opportunity to explore the numerous exquisite cities, such as New York and Chicago.

Fine Cuisine

When it comes to cuisine, America certainly lives up to the phrase “bigger is better”, and there’s nothing better than a greasy meal from time to time.

There are several iconic foods that America is famous for, including the cheeseburger, fried chicken, Buffalo wings and corn dogs.

Despite this, Africa offers a number of regional dishes that you also might enjoy, such as Nyama Choma – or “roast meat” to you and I.

When it comes to deciding where your next holiday should be, the choice is entirely yours.

For those that enjoy exploring the array of exclusive dishes countries offer, Africa is a great choice, but to enjoy bigger and even better dishes, you simply can’t go wrong visiting America!

Places To Visit

When it comes to deciding whether to visit Africa or America, you should identify what you expect to do, and places you can visit to ensure your trip is a memorable one – for all the right reasons.

There are several activities you can do in both countries, which only makes your decision harder to make.

Whilst the greatest things to do in America include visiting the iconic Kennedy Space Center, famed theme parks, such as Walt Disney World, Central Park, Golden Gate Bridge and the American icon found in New York harbour, there are just as many amazing activities available to do in Africa.

For those looking to escape fast-paced urban cities, Africa boasts an array of glorious trekking and hiking opportunities perfect for beginners and the most experienced hikers alike.

Deciding whether to visit Africa or America can be difficult, but hopefully, with the information above, you can make a more informed decision where your next holiday should be.

With so many fantastic opportunities and experiences on offer and unmissable history and culture in both countries, where will you travel to?