Stop China, stop spying on Africa!

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I’ve heard it before but I thought it was all a joke until I saw it online again this evening. Could China really be spying on Africa?

That will be bad if it is found out to be true. See what the following news report says about China spying on Africa:

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A Chinese-Trojan horse?: In 2012, the African Union inaugurated its new headquarters in Addis Ababa. Worth over $200m, the project was fully funded by China, which also built and paid for the building’s computer network.

Teodoro Obiang Nguema, president of Equatorial Guinea and then AU chairperson, reportedly proclaimed it “a reflection of the new Africa”.

Five years after however, the small computer unit of the AU discovered that the entire content of its servers was periodically transferred to Shanghai between midnight and 2am everyday, Le Monde reports (in French, use Chrome to translate).

The Chinese government has since denied the report. Read more on Quartz Africa.