Why you should do something you’ve never done in the past

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Doing something you have never done before can be scary, intimidating or just downright uninteresting. However, doing something new is very good for you. Here are three reasons to get out of your comfort zone and do something different:

  1. Escaping Ennui

Ennui means a feeling of boredom that derives from a lack of “occupation or excitement.” And for many of us, life becomes an ennui, and we become resigned to boringness. A boring life is something you should renounce; doing something new can be part of that.

  1. Learning About Yourself

Often times, doing something new is the best way to engage in self discovery. For example, how do you know if you’re great at learning new languages if you’ve never tried? Or carpentry? Or how do you know if you really don’t like the taste of frog or shark? Get out there and engage.

  1. You’ll Meet New People

Having a social community with which you engage on a regular basis is a very important part of overall health and longevity. When you try something new, chances are you will meet new people in the process, expanding that social network.