Snake swallowed N36m in JAMB office – Nigerians react


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This development has raised eyebrows and Nigerians have been voicing out the views.

Below are some reactions to the story.

@Ugatoba, Which party does this snake belong to? APC or PDP?

@lordkabba, JAMB QUESTION- 100 marks. Calculate how long it will take a snake to swallow 36,000,000 Naira. If the Bank notes are either in 100, 200 or 500 denomination and tabulate the chances of the snakes survival using the APC formula.

@em_kalan, I pledge to Nigeria my country…to never be surprised when I see such news…a whooping 36million. The people doing us are mad.

@ favorandCee, The snake was a member of Goodluck’s cabinet. It should be probed.

@ yay_tunes, Kai…how can I suffer to be a Nigerian like this.

@Saintlumy, Nothing should surprise one in this country anymore.

@newscanttell, What name are we going to call the snake now? It’s definitely no anaconda.

@lohs_21, On this episode of animal farm, corruption blues.

@Ejike, Why dey born me for this kind country, Nigeria is such a joke.

@prodigy023, Benue people can lie die. First it’s herdsmen that don’t exist now it’s a snake that swallows money not eggs.

@mozartard, Mehn….they are not even putting effort in the lies anymore..