Robbery suspect relates why it’s easier doing business in Ghana than in Nigeria


A trans-border robbery suspect has told the‎ Lagos State Police that it was easier for him to operate in Ghana than in Nigeria because citizens of the latter are more security conscious.

Dennis Wasami, 32,‎ was arrested by men of the Rapid Response Squad in his hideout at Agbonle Orile on Saturday, the police said in a statement Tuesday.

The suspect was held in Kirikiri prison last year after he was arrested for a burglary incident in Festac Town‎.

“I was an expert at break – in- robbery,” Mr. Wasami said in his confessional statement after his arrest.

“I operated in Ghana, along West Africa coast breaking into people’s houses and making away with their properties and personal effects like mobile phones, laptops, jewelry and other personal effects.

“I used to bring the stolen items to Nigeria to sell. I have a ready market for them in Lome and Lagos.

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