This is what ladies mean when they say they prefer tall, dark, and handsome men


You would be used to hearing ladies saying that they are attracted to a guy who is tall , dark and handsome ..

But have u ever wondered and ask urself why majority of all this girls shouting tall ,dark and handsome would meet a tall, dark and very handsome guy who is even very intelligent, God fearing and even has a sense of humor wooing them and they would still be friendzoning such guys..

When bbnaija 2018 started and they unveil the guys, a lot of ladies came on social media to gush over the dark and handsome guys in the house but I tell u, in reality these same sets of ladies have turned down guys with same complexion and looks ..

This is what they actually mean..

This represents a male with a d**k that is long, fat and heavy that would be able to screw and dig them in a way they have always fantasized about..cheesycheesy

This represents a male attitude…He doesn’t stalk them, he doesn’t send them when they start acting up, he care less whether she is into him or not, he just go for what he wants, It’s not that as a guy , you must be wicked or evil ooo… it’s just a sexy behavior women find’s known as the very good bad guy attitude that turns them on and make them happy to be around him..

A mr nice guy can be represented as the white colour because he stalks, cares too much and always wants to know why she is acting weird to him gringrin

This represents a guy with a handsome bank account and lives independently and comfortable on his own..coolcool

Note: There are a lots of intelligent, God-fearing and humorous guys that are tall, dark and handsome that these same sets of girls have turned down and friendzoned and they end up being smashed heavily everyday and night by one light guy with an average height who posses this qualities they actually want in a man…

As a guy, whether u are tall or short, dark or light , handsome, average looking or ugly.. stop stressing urself, just try and posses those qualities and keep calm, getting these same sets of girls would be surprising to u..

Cc: lalasticlala Myndy44 Dominique