How a car, coffee meetup inspired car coffee and Blackwood event


Andy Dasovic runs a monthly cars and coffee meet up at Blackwood. Picture: AAP/Dea n Martin shared by

There are many ways to enjoy oneself with loved ones or others. Take the scenario below which started from a simple meetup to a big event where about 400 car enthusiasts gather to have a drive around, chat with their mates or meet new people.

He created “Cars and Coffee Blackwood” on social media and, now, up to 400 people meet in the Woolworths carpark once a month to chat to their fellow motoring enthusiasts, check out the cars and grab a cuppa.

“I had a chat with the guys that were doing it and they liked to help out the local traders there, so I’ve focused on that myself,” says Mr Dasovic, a veteran of the Adelaide car scene.

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