Top remedies for blurred vision – include eye exercises


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Treatment for blurred vision in one eye can involve wearing prescription glasses or lenses, but there are other steps you can take, such as doing eye exercises to help your eyes focus at varying distances. Your ophthalmologist can explain these exercises. Below are some other suggestions for treating blurred vision.

  • Watching TV—when watching television, you can keep the room softly lit so that it reduces the strain on the eyes.
  • Reading——place the source of light behind you and direct light onto your book or task that you are doing.
  • Fine/minute work—take periodic breaks to ease your eye muscles.
  • Eye muscle relaxation—placing your elbows onto a desk with palms facing upwards, drop your head into your hands and cover your eyes with your hands. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Do this for about 30 seconds several times a day to relax your eye muscles.
  • Eye massage—massage the orbits of the eyes gently every day to ease the strain.
  • Eye drops—use artificial tears, especially if you feel you have dry eyes. There are preservative-free eye drops available.
  • Eyeglasses—select the right eyewear, including sunglasses. Discuss what is best with an optometrist.

Once you have been diagnosed, follow the treatment recommended by your heath care provider.