3 top posts on how bloggers earn money from their blog in 2017


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End of the year is always the time to reassess what’s been done and make some kind of summary. This letter will be a flashback to the most useful blog posts and MageNet features that helped you multiply your earnings from ads placement.

List of Best CMS Platforms in 2017

No wonder this one ended up being so popular as a CMS platform is the first thing for any blogger to decide on. And even if you are not a newby anymore, it’s good to have options if you decide to make a change.

Teach Me To Choose The Best Platform

How Much Money You Can Earn From a Blog in 2017
Every blogger and website owner would like to know how much others earn doing the same things. In this post MageNet revealed the truth behind the question “Can you actually make a living by blogging?” Still don’t know the answer? The post uncovers numbers, stats, and timeless strategies that’ll work in 2018 as well.

Tell Me How Much Bloggers Earned In 2017

How Quality Website Helps You Earn More On MageNet

In 2017 MageNet devised a way to remunerate those users who strive to have high-quality websites by giving them a monthly bonus. We’ve already paid $19,570 to the publishers with quality sites. Are you missing your reward? Check your Quality Rank now to figure out your site’s potential earnings!

Calculate My Quality Rank

Thank you for an awesome year, get ready for some fresh updates in 2018!