One man’s bad experience with JUMIA

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This is just a post to rant and rave so pardon me. I recently bought a phone from Jumia during this November black Friday. A Homtom HT50. Specs were lovely and reviews both here and abroad were great.

So me thinking Jumia was a great place to shop, (note I am a regular buyer from them and have advertised to friends and colleagues how good they are), saw the phone and ordered it. Immediately the phone came? I fell in love. Beautiful and sleek.

The problem started on the 8th day after the 7 days return policy expired. The screen went blank and crashed and refused to come on. I already knew the refund period had expired but I expected at least a warranty on the product. Lo and behold, apparently the phone comes with no warranty. And they don’t list that on the website. It’s a Chinese phone so parts might be a bit hard to come by. To contact the seller who is a local? Let’s see if there can be a swap?

Now this is where the second problem lies. Jumia has been unhelpful in resolving this. I have emailed them and called several times and the customer care keeps on looking at the problem like its the first time they are hearing about it despite my complaints being on record. They promise to look into it then promptly send me a mail telling me complaint resolved and if I’m happy with the solution.

After a week of me being the one to mostly contact them on an almost daily basis, they finally tell me since there is no warranty? They’ll link me up with a service provider but I’ll have to pay for the phone repair myself.

I agreed based on the fact that the fee shouldn’t be too high? Upon locating the service provider in Port Harcourt, I realize it’s Carl care under Slots who confirm they don’t service that brand of phones.

Since then? Contacting Jumia has been a problem as they don’t seem to be interested and I am now stuck with a 33K phone which I’ve only used for 1 week roughly. The least they could have done is either link me up with the seller, swap the phone with another or at least be sure they have a legitimate service provider before selling such products.

The lesson learnt here with JUMIA is simply, though I will probably still continue to buy with them? I guess their reliability isn’t worth s**t. Thank you for listening.

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