Speed the #1 reason for road accidents


Mr Shehu Zaki, the Zonal Commanding Officer, Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) in charge of Ogun and Lagos States, says speed violations caused 42.7 per cent of road accidents in Nigeria.

According to him, the National Bureau of Statistics reports reveal that speed violation is a major cause of road traffic crashes accounting for 42.69 per cent of the total crashes reported in the first quarter of 2017.

The report says loss of control and dangerous driving followed closely as they accounted for 12.7 and 7.3 per cent respectively, while statistics show that an estimated vehicle population of 12.5 million plies Nigerian roads and 53.8 per cent of the vehicles are commercial.

Ember month is a period when commercial drivers are in desperate haste to double profit while the private ones hurry to meet up with engagements as a result of festivities, and the resultant effect was increased vehicular density on the roads, speeding and overloading causing stress to drivers and vehicles which often lead to crashes and gridlocks.