Attracting new customers: Best tips for those starting business

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Marketing Your Business Online

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The major challenge most people fail is not really is they should consider digital marketing but how to do it successfully.

So let’s look at the first component of the digital ecosystem – your website.

The first point of failure for most people as they start to worry about this advertising option is to:

  1. Get their website wrong: To an average customer, the cost of design of your website does not matter to them. What they care about is simply how well they can use your website. Therefore as a small business, if you are waiting till you can build a website of 100’s of Naira or dollars, then you are shooting your business success in the foot.
  2. Using outdated technique: Most small business owners know they need a website and that is as far as they know. So they engage a developer who designs a website using a technology no one knows or care about. If you are considering getting a website for your business, then simply get your developer to use WordPress.

If you follow the two steps above, you will have at least surmounted the two major hindrances to creating a good online presence for your business.

Now that you have a workable website, let me introduce you to some methods of attracting people to your website.

  1. Social media Marketing – Social media marketing is the marketing of your business products using various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube
  2. Email marketing – Email marketing is the promotion of your product through electronic emails called newsletter to customers who might have indicated interest in your business. If you are running an e-commerce website, this channel should be the one you focus on the most
  3. Content marketing – I separated content marketing from blogging because they are technically different even though they share a lot of similarities. Content marketing is all the activities of writing and promoting contents on your site.
  4. Blogging – Blogging involves writing articles on your blog and for other publications.
  5. SEO – Getting your website found in Google through a process known as search engine optimization.
  6. Paid marketing – All the paid digital marketing methods and channels like advertising on electronic media and online mediums
  7. Affiliate marketing – Getting other people to promote your website ND product for you. These people are usually called affiliate marketers.