Biafra Threat: Bigeria is better as one – Osinbajo

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The Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo recently made comments about the effectiveness of Nigeria when it remains as one, saying it is better the country stays as one than divided.

He called on Nigerians to reject and refuse anybody with the intention of dividing the country.

According to him, where there are difficulties as a nation, but we should sit down, discuss and resolve it as such initiative was necessary for the development and growth of any nation.

He blamed the nation’s woes on corruption, affirming that if such negative situations were adequately tackled, there would be enough resources to sustain every Nigerian.

He said: “This country is better together; stronger together than separated. There is nothing we gain by being separated; the countries around us are tiny countries, very tiny countries. Rwanda which is celebrated in Africa, Lagos state alone is six times the economy of Rwanda. One state in Nigeria.

“We are a great country and anybody that want to separate us, we must reject and refuse it because this country can provide for every one of us and provide well; our problem is corruption; if we check corruption in this country, there will be more than enough for all of us.”