Job vacancy: Internal Control & Financial Manager – Energy Group


Energy Group is arguably Africa’s most diversified conglomerate of companies with concentration in Oil & Gas, Banking, Insurance, Re-insurance, Education, Media, and Hotels

Our Strategic direction is to grow acquisition in the first ten years This milestone has already been achieved The second phase of our strategic vision is to stabilize Institutions acquired in the second phase of another ten years (Phase II). In stabilizing those institutions in phase 2, the Group now requires some strategic officers who are mid-career managers. They will be expected to operate at the heart of management Officers employed will have opportunity to take career in a specific field of management science chosen by them.

We are recruiting to fill the position of:

Job Title: Internal Control & Financial Manager/Officer

Location: Nigeria

Job Description

  • Candidates who take career in internal control & financial management are to look beyond accounting numbers in managing stakeholder engagement.
  • On day-to-day basis, they will be involved in compliance management such as tax return, management accounting and efficiency of returns on investment and asset specificities.


  • Conglomerate operates in Nigeria, Ghana, Sao-Tome1 United Arab Emirate, and United Kingdom and is fast expanding to Hong Kong. Successful candidates can be posted to any of the subsidiaries but will only carry out duties in respect of the chosen career. A mandatory fifteen days intensive training will be arranged before resumption.


  • Interested candidates must have a degree in Masters of Business Administration from any recognized University. Please note that Master of Science is not acceptable except such Master’s degree is specifically obtained in those specialized areas.
  • Candidate with first degree only will not be considered for manager position no matter the class of degree. Such candidates can only apply as officers.

First-degree applicants:

  • If you have first degree in any field and the above is of interest to you then you can apply as officer in the field mentioned above and follow all the instructions in this call. You must submit an application titled “Application for Employment as Officer” and state your interest i.e. Internal Control & Financial Management position (50 people will be employed as officers)

M.Sc. Candidates:

  • Apply only for position in General Management and after a year you will cross to specific area of interest. (A total number of thirty candidates are to be employed in the Manager category.)


  • Internal staffs that have spent seven years in the job can apply for a waiver of MBA or MSC.

Functional Competencies Required:

  • Ability to lead teams, motivate junior staff members and provide them. direction and guide as per mandate of the work
  • Ability to Work in multicultural environment
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision
  • Able to work under pressure and limited time..
  • Ability to develop innovative approaches to management

Key Skills Preferred:

  • Strong skills in building operational partnerships and/or business development
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Excellent analytical skills.
  • Consistently approaches work with energy and a positive, constructive attitude

Stage of Interview:

  • Shortlisted Candidates will go through three stages of interview. Two will be in the country and one outside the country and the stages will be fully funded by the Group. The last stage of the interview will be held in a selected venue either in United Arab Emirates, Sao Tome or Ghana.

Phase One:

  • A clean CV of maximum two pages of length, focused, precise and clear grammatical and idiomatic expressions will assist in Phase one.

Phase Two:

  • You will be sent with two case studies each with a minimum of fifteen pages. You are to read the case study on your own and you will be required to do some analysis, which you are expected to send to our office on a particular deadline.

Stage Three:

  • This is the final stage where we will interact with you in- person. Basically you will be invited to present and defend your analysis of the assignment in the form of a MS PowerPoint presentation. It IS expected that stage one to the final stage will take around thirty working days. The final list of selected candidates will be published thereafter.

Special Benefit

  • Candidates who display exceptional performance during their employment which will be regularly monitored on monthly basis and those who score over 60% in the evaluation assessment will be sponsored for either the University of Oxford or University of Cambridge Advanced Leadership Programme after completion of two years of employment with us. They are required to take and pass GRE /GMAT or company internal examination during the two years.
  • if they continue to display such exemplary performance in their third and fourth years in the corporation, they could be sponsored for the one year MPhil degree programme in their chosen selected area. After five years, they could opt to pursue Doctorate degree in their area of speciality.
  • Energy Group will massively support exceptional candidates to obtain Doctorate in such area of chosen career and will pursue on their behalf such application for same after four years of their engagement.
  • It is our desire to see candidates completing their Doctorate Degree alongside with the demands for work within ten years of joining the establishment.

Internal Staff:

  • Internal staff within the organization that meet the requirements of MBA or MSc can apply but it should be noted that such internal staff gain no superfluous advantage over the new intake in the selection process.

Application Closing Date
17th November, 2017.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV’s to: and hard copy of the same CV by DHL Courier to the address below:
Worldwide Fortune DMCC
Fortune Towers,
Floor 33 Cluster C,
Jumeirah Lake Towers,
United Arab Emirates.

Interested former staff of any of our subsidiary can apply to return to our group. Our organization owns firmly in the philosophy that “the weak revenge, the strong forgive and the intelligent ignore”. We choose to be the intelligent that ignore and as such part record of activities that is offensive to the institution will not be considered. Returning staffs are to send email of their intention to return to: and they would be sent an application form to fill.

If such returning staff has done up to seven years in the employment before disengaging, he could also apply for waiver of MBA or MSC requirements. Please note that we only have limited space for ten candidates in this category. But if you are unlucky at this time, your application can be reviewed from time to time subject to vacancy. If such intending staff has a case in court against any of the subsidiary, such candidate need not apply.


  • You are required to for apply for one area of management science to which your career trajectory will be rooted, been your speciality. You will not be allowed to apply for more than one job.
  • 90% of candidates to be employed will be citizen of Nigeria origin. 10% is reserved for citizen of other countries.