It’s now easier to do business in Nigeria – World Bank

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Culled from EnergyMixReport:

The World Bank recently released Ease of Doing Business as it does every year. The report titled, “Doing Business 2018: Reforming to create jobs,” indicated that Nigeria had moved up by 24 points from 169th position on the 2017 ranking and also 170th position on the 2016 ranking to 145th out of 190 countries in the World Bank’s 2018 report, as reported by Energymixreport.

Details seen in the report revealed that Nigeria now ranked 130th out of 190 countries from its 138 position in 2017, in terms of starting a business and 147th from 174th in 2017 in terms of getting a construction permit. The report also says Nigeria moved from 180th position in terms of getting electricity in 2017, to 172nd position in the 2018 ranking.

Similarly, on the registration of property ranking, Nigeria moved from 182nd position in 2017 ranking to 179 in the 2018 ranking. World Bank stated clearly that Nigeria made the greatest stride in improving access to getting credit. The country moved from 32nd position in 2017, to 6th position in 2018.

On the paying taxes ranking, the Country moved from 182nd position in 2017 to 171 in 2018 and on enforcing contracts, it moved from 139th to 96th position in 2018. However, the report showed that the country was retrogressing in the resolving insolvency ranking, going from 140th position in 2017, to 145th in 2018.