How I promoted ‘Yeba’ Kiss Daniel reveals

Nigerian singer Kiss Daniel has finally solved the puzzle behind the comedy videos he commenced releasing on his IG page which spread like wildfire. While many thought he was warming up to have a career switch, the singer was actually pulling a publicity stunt for his new jam YEBA. Truly, the boy has what it takes to succeed as a comedian.
However, Kiss isn’t planning on leaving music anytime soon. As a matter of fact, the comedy stunt was meant to boost his music career and land him in a new level. But then again, fans were overly stunned by his rib cracking skills.
The singer was in an interview with Punch’s Sunday Scoop where he had a lot to say about his music and the said comedy videos. According to him, the reason behind those videos was to promote his single YEBA. In his own words;
“I have no plans to delve into comedy; music is my major talent. If you listen to my new song, Yeba, you would notice that there are traces of comedy in it. You would also note that I started uploading those comedy skits about a month before Yeba was released, so it was just a strategy to promote the song. It was a means of creating awareness.”