NPA vs INTEL: What you should know

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It is no news any more that the government of President Muhammadu Buhari has authorised the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) to forthwith commence the termination process of the Pilotage Monitoring and Supervision Agreement between NPA and Integrated Logistics Services Nigeria Limited (INTELS) on the grounds that the said agreement was void ab initio. Going by media report, the Attorney General of the Federation vide a letter dated September 27, 2017, directed the Managing Director of NPA to commence the said process.

To begin with, my good friend, Tommy Oshie, an erudite scholar who masterfully laid bare the legal implications of the imbroglio between both parties, provided the legal background to this piece. There are several phases or angles to the issue at hand, but since the fulcrum of it lies with the constitutionality or otherwise, we shall be moved to look at it from that basis first.

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