Barber becomes car thief to raise money for ceremony

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A barber, Ahmed Ali, said he    joined a robbery gang to raise money for his late mother’s remembrance ceremony. The suspect was arrested alongside three members of his syndicate, who had snatched a Toyota Camry ‘Big Daddy’ from Lagos and were heading towards Sango-Ota area of Ogun State before they were nabbed by the Police operatives.

The 23-year-old Ali said: “I am a barber. Tabiti came to my shop to cut his hair and then said my shop was boring. Then I was thinking of how to raise money for my mum’s remembrance and he promised to help me. “He said there is something he normally does.

The first time, he went alone. He then called me the next morning, asking me to come. When I met him, we drove to Ondo, where he sold the car.

“After that, he told me about a master key and how he is able to move cars. I went to Ondo with him twice. We do go out around 2a.m. to monitor streets for where there is no security.”

Another suspect, Moses Ofoke, a private security guard providing the syndicate with information, said: “I worked as a street security guard before. “When they stopped paying me, things became so difficult for me.

“That was when Ahmed Ali met me and said it was not good that I was wearing one attire every day. He told me about the work his friend introduced him to, saying my security experience will help them a lot.”

The AIG added that the suspects will soon be charged to court as soon as investigations are concluded.