Advantages of hiring domestic helper


Advantages of hiring domestic helper

A domestic helper in Singapore provides house help services to a home or a family. Having someone to take care of your household chores allows us the opportunity to carry on with your other activities be it career advancement undertakings or just socializing with your friends. In addition, especially if we are getting the support from a reliable diligent person. Such is the case in Singapore, where many homes employ the services of domestic workers either fulltime or part-time once in a week or twice in a week to take care of things around the house as the owners go on with their busy life in peace. Domestic service in Singapore is affordable. The country gets an influx of women from Indonesian country and Philippines who are determined to make it and sustain their relatives back in their home countries.


As aforementioned, the services rendered by domestic help are reasonably priced. Depending on the type of employment, the experience and qualification requirement one can hire a part-time helper at a cost that ranges from $10 to $ 20 an hour and a full-time helper can be hired for $ 500 a month.


House helpers come with skills and experience especially if they are transferred, maids. Despite the notion that such house helps want to transfer because they have problems with their former bosses, the demand for their services is rising. Transfer house helps do not need training and strict supervision, as they know their way around the household. In addition, it takes longer to hire a new maid from the agency and this comes with the agent fee commission’s requirement both of which can be cut down by turning to transfer maids.

Help during emergency

For instance, we may be in our office when our child falls sick or we may be required to work till late sometimes; these are the kind of situations that call for the need of a domestic help to jump in and take care of things, ensuring our children’s safety and at the Same time helping us meet the deadline at our work. We can always feel comfortable knowing your child is in safe hands and this makes our life much easier and stress-free. The much help more the opportunity we have in joining the labor force and ascending our career ladder.

Affording us time with our family and with ourselves

By carrying out household everyday jobs, a house helper gives us the helping hand we want to brush through our daily chores quickly. If we are the type that does not delegate everything to the maid and the sooner we finish the more the time we will have to be with our family and relax from stress at work as we get to bond with our children chat and develop the relationship we have always desired. We can engage in gaming activities with our children. To find out more about our best maid agency in Singapore click here.