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Qualities of a Great Employee

Everyone in the workplace agrees to the fact that great employees are rare to find. No matter your position in the company, whether an employee or manager, most likely you are aware of the fact that getting a quality worker is at a premium. Below are some qualities that make a good employee.

Confident: as a manager or CEO of a startup, you will be most definitely happy to hand a project over to someone who is confident over someone who is hesitant and unsure of themselves. On the other hand also, an employee who is satisfied is more willing to take risks or go for challenges that an uncertain employee would shy away from. Also, any excellent outcomes that are experienced are as a result of people having faith in what they can do as well as their talents. If the worker can directly interact with the client, and the latter is impressed by their confidence, then they will be willing to continue conducting business with him/her and the company at large.

As a matter of fact, people who boast about their achievements, are not loved by many. The more preferred candidate for an employee is someone who would prove their worthiness through their hard work instead of using words, whether they are real or exaggerated.

Employers love someone who is willing to do more than is expected of them, one who exceeds the expectations and happily takes up any project or task however difficult it might be. Also, someone who is passionate about what they do will not feel burdened to work at all. This means that such an individual will put in his best as he loves what he is doing. Such a person will also be happy about the time they spend with their colleagues as well as their boss.

An employee that does not follow instructions is a big source of irritation. Either he is not as committed as he should be or he did not listen attentively when the instructions were given. Either way, the result is multiple errors, products that are faulty as well as customers or clients who are unsatisfied.

Self-Driven or Motivated
People who are self-driven do not require to be pushed around to get the work done. They possess the stamina to carry out outstanding work and usually work hard always. There is no time that an employer will get concerned over lost time or slack when they have a dedicated and self-driven worker in their company. They also come up with a speed and model that others can easily and want to support. The ROI of these individuals is quite high because, in respect to cost, they do not require additional rewards.

Also, a good employee is one who possesses leadership qualities. It is no doubt that an employer will award such an employee with a leading role in the company.

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