Food insecurity, Africa’s greatest challenge in the next decade


Recently, Adesina made known some facts about Africa and food in the US. He delivered a lecture at Iowa State University, titled “Betting on Africa to Feed the World”, in Des Moines, Iowa in the United States.

He gave a surprising estimate about Africa and spends on food imports for the following decade; “if the current trend continues, Africa is estimated to spend 110 billion dollars by 2030 on food imports”.

He, therefore, called for land tax for unused agricultural land, to provide incentives for faster commercialisation of agriculture and unlocking its potential in Africa.

Africa holds the key for feeding nine billion people by 2050, he says, adding that more than ever before, the world must help Africa to rapidly modernise its agriculture and unlock its full potential. That is the greatest challenge in Africa right now, that of addressing global food security is the greatest in Africa.

He said that close to 300 million people were malnourished on the continent due to this food challenge. Food insecurity is seriously increasing in Africa.

“There is therefore absolutely no reason for Africa to be a food importing region. Africa has huge potential in agriculture, but, as Dr. Borlaug used to say, nobody eats potential.”