2 Signs your boyfriend’s mother wants to dominate the relationship


You may not know it, but your boyfriend’s mother may slowly be seeking dominance and wanting to get in the way of your romantic joy. Learn from the following two experiences.

  1. She told him I came with too much baggage and he shouldn’t bother with me. She also completely ignored me for the first 6 months. To the point I’d say hello and she’d put her nose in the air and walk away. And of course she’d constantly call him/talk to him about how much I upset her. It was actually a real problem for a while, and I would have peaced out if I thought we were going to actually be serious.

    Thankfully she did end up coming around, and we’re pretty good friends now. And I was wrong, cause this “casual” relationship has been going on for a decade and we’re now common law married, looking to buy a house, and talking about how we want to handle the marriage thing (we want to get married, the question is if we just go sign the papers or give both our families what they want, which is a huge wedding)

    *But yah MIL definitely tried to establish herself as my SO’s first lady. It got weird, SO grew up, and now she’s come around to being friends. Only thing left is her telling me to have babies and expecting me to mother my SO.

  2. She sent my bf out for a golf game with his dad. Remember “game”. I was sent to the kitchen to prepare the evening meal with her. I don’t cook well. So, she is cooking and I am washing dishes, wishing I was off having fun and playing a game.

    They arrived home and I said, thank God you are here. Let’s go for a walk before dinner so I can get out of the house (politely). She squashed it by saying he was tired. He rolled his eyes and turned on the tv. Golf=game=exhaustion. I eventually noped it out from that situation because I was not raised to serve, stay quiet, or “get in the kitchen, woman”.ou

You dig? Yes you should.