Why Britain rejected Nigerian yams


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One  would think that Nigeria’s shot at new exporting drive is at a disadvantage as a new report claims Nigerian yams were rejected in Britain.

According to the report, some yams arriving in Britain were being rejected. The issue is that they stayed so long en route and if they stay that long, they are bound to rot.

This kind of thing also happens to yams arriving Nigeria from Ghana as well. However, the federal government has determined not to stop the policy of the exportation of yam.

According to Minister of Agriculture, “It is a policy that will stay because we are the largest producers of yams in the world. We produce 67 per cent of the yams.

The yam export initiative was flagged off on June 29 and the consignment exported to the US recently was rejected.

Challenges are the lack of refrigerated container and the long time the produce stayed before its arrival to Europe of America.