Are you having frequent miscarriages? Methylation can help


Methylation is one of the most important biochemical processes our body has. It is a metabolic process that is crucial for optimal health, but what’s more, methylation is synonymous with life.

It is related to healthy aging, long term health, and it is related in some way to all of your body’s systems. It occurs billions of times every second, it repairs your DNA on a daily basis, and it recycles molecules that help with detoxification.

It is also a dynamic factor in mood boosting and lowering inflammation. The bottom line is methylation is a crucial tool for the positive evolution of human health.

If you are experiencing problematic physical symptoms, but are having difficulty pinpointing their cause, your body’s methylation rate may be a helpful factor to focus on. Also, if you are experiencing inflammation, chronic fatigue or have been told by your physician you have folic acid and B12 deficiencies, improving your methylation could be the solution.

There are several ways you can heal your methylation process. The word folate comes from the word foliage, which means leafy greens. Several studies have been done which show babies born to mothers who do not consume enough dark, leafy vegetables are made vulnerable to poor methylation processes (

This leads to another point, which is that methylation rates are often strongly linked to genetics. Although this may be a tricky influence to navigate, by engaging in these habits can counteract poor genetics: Ingest more food sources with B6 (sunflower seeds, wheat germ, fish and eggs, almonds, asparagus, beans, and walnuts Minimize animal protein, sugar and saturated fat.

Avoid smoking. Limit alcholic drinks to no more than 3 servings a week. Improve stomach acid by taking herbal digestives. Take supplements to help support proper homocysteine metabolism (Folic acid, vitamins B6, B12, and Betaine).

Source: Online Health