Beware: Your next Uber driver may just be a danger to you!


There are so many ways that dangerous Uber drivers could operate and you need to at least know some of them…

Read the following:

This has happened to me in two different cities recently. The first time I was with a group of 6 in the Lyft so it wasn’t a huge deal. However this weekend, I was in an Uber alone and the driver asked, “What does the app say this trip will cost?…. Oh if you give me cash and cancel the Uber trip, I can get more payout since Uber takes a huge percentage.” My first inkling was okay sure I want you to get paid. Then I realized, if the trip was canceled, I was no longer traceable. If we got into a wreck, I left an important item behind, or, God forbid, something terrible happened, there would be no way to protect myself and have proof for the police. LADIES PROTECT YOUR SAFETY AND DECLINE THIS OFFER. No matter how nice the driver is. A few friends I told this admitted they didn’t even think about not being traceable, just wanted to be nice to the driver. Don’t let your sincerity overrule your security. Traveling alone is not ideal, but sometimes we have no choice. Please tell others in the event they don’t realize the potential risk. If you’re a driver and have offered this, remember to protect yourself as well. A passenger could be just as dangerous as a driver.