Why couples must pass a ‘test’ before they can be allowed to have children


Will this make the future of society better? Some think that parents who don’t know how to train children should not be allowed to have children.

One thought:

However, I think parenting classes focusing on law/legal requirements (abuse, abandonment, neglect, documentation, sending them to school, ect) parenting resources (hotlines, support groups, further classes, support for children with disabilities, educational resources) and basic good stuff to know as parents (baby tips, good nutrition, first aid and resuscitation, sids, water safety) should be required, strongly recommended, or at the very least offered to parents.

Another thought:

I think we need to go a bit further though I do recognize the issues with it. Notice the gaps between your suggestions and some of the major issues we have in our society that could be addressed by better parenting. How many things we say our parents should have taught us or what they should have known. Add that stuff.

Anger management, financial management and planning, preparing kids for a number of careers, blue collar and white collar, raising kids who can not abuse drugs, responsible sexual activity, helping your kids with their studies, preparing your child for the real world, teaching your children to have backup plans, and how to remain flexible in a changing world.

What do you think? Should newly weds pass a certain test before they can be allowed to have children?