What will you do if a guy points a gun in your head and wants to shoot?


Haha! The tough moment came. No one had ever pointed a gun in your head but now this bad guy just came to your car or to where you’re standing, right behind you and pointed a cold steel at the back of your head. You start to sweat and think faster than you ever did in your life.

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What are the next words you can utter to save yourself?

Here are sample suggestions of what you could tell him. Make use of the ones comfortable for you:

  1. “Ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?” Say it with your voice 10 times deeper than it really is.
  2. “That gun looks like it was illegally modified, you don’t want to break the law right? Lets just put that down.”  Make sure you follow up your statement with the right gesture.
  3. “What are you gonna do? Shoot me?” Say it with a wide grin on your face.
  4. “You’re in a Gun Free Zone and breaking the law.” Be non-nonchalant about it.
  5. “Man, don’t you know you’re in a gun-free zone?” 
  6. “Please shoot! Please shoot! I’ve been waiting for years for someone to come and shoot me!” As you’re saying that keep moving your head hard against the gun.
  7. “F*cking do it you b*tch.” 
  8. “Your mother will die in her sleep if you shoot me.” Works only if his mother is still alive. If his mother was dead, he’ll probably just shoot you.
  9. “Please take all money and not my life please?!!” This should have topped this list.
  10. “Brubada die, tra trutitu die warse masu tae die, die, die. DIE!” He will think you’re a magic priest and run away.

Good luck guys with these if you ever get caught up in this kind of situation which no one prays for.