Relationships: Things you could try to ‘turn your woman on’

  1. Being in water with my husband. Like pools, lakes, the ocean. Idk why, I just get horny af when we are in water together, even if he’s not nearby or paying attention to me! We joke about it a lot. And check it out, salt water may aphrodisiac.
  2. She makes some noise. Guy, try make other noises too!
  3. Help her tie her shoes. Zip her up or down, if you like. Walk with her in the park.
  4. Squeeze on both sides of the body and hold on to her for some time. Maybe this don’t work for all women.
  5. Some love having to be discrete or quiet to maintain normalcy – like going down on each other as one of the two is on the phone having an actual conversation. Guy confesses he likes the coy nature of it and it’s got its own little thrill with only minor impact to whomever they’re on the phone with.
  6. Massage the back of her neck. Do it so well that even when you do it absent-mindedly in the public, she feels it.
  7. Tickling. It can do wonders both ways. I mean when you tickle an angry woman, it may lead her to become angrier.
  8. Some women like shy, quiet men and go for them. It’s a turn on for them.
  9. Rough hands may do the magic but that’s if you know how to use them.
  10. Call her sweet names, things often and you will be more successful in turning her on than beer could do it.

Wow! We got ten stuffs up here already. Start by using one then move on to others.