The proper way for teenagers to look for and get a job


Q: Why should kids looking for jobs not involve their parents when hunting for that job?

A:  If you have your parents speaking for you now at the time of application, they think your parents will be a pain in the ass to deal with when you screw up and your parents come to the rescue on your behalf

Q: How would a teenager appear in the minds of employers if mom or dad helped get the job?

Real Life experience: My mom drove me around to look for my first job. We found a catering meat market type place and we walked in and went to the counter. When the guy asked how he could help us my mom just said good luck and walked away without warning.

I was stunned and confused and the guy started laughing. Shortly after, we had a little chat and I had to go tell my mom to leave and come back later since I had dishes to wash right that second lol.

What you should know:

True, and it depends on the job. If it’s a small town store and the owner is friends with your parents, then by all means do it. If it’s a fortune 500 company that has no connection with you or your family, don’t do it.

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