Relationships: how bad is the friend zone?


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The problems with friend zone:

Learn This first:

One thing I learned from dating throughout the years is that you have to be comfortable with who you are. And that means being comfortable with not being someone’s type. Ask her out and move on if she says no. It’s insanely attractive to women if a man is secure in himself and doesn’t look for ways to be attractive to a woman by being nice or doing things or performing favors. Be yourself. Don’t play “games” and think if you do this then maybe she’ll do that. Accept that there will be others who will be more attractive to her and there will be others who will be more attractive to you.

How to get out of friend zone:

1. Try to do romantic stuffs like kiss her, or grab her…

2. Take her out for a drink, start dancing together and at a point, make your move.

If it doesn’t work, do this:


1.  Stay away from her a while. At least for a third of the time you two have been friends.

2. Meet other women, date them.

Be determined to get out of a one-way friendship.