10 reasons why most men cheat


Haha! He said he loves you but they caught him with another woman. Maybe you’re the one who caught him. Men would cheat cheat and still claim they love their wives. So why do men cheat? See if you can find a reason why why ex or your present boy cheated on you.

  1. He simply wants to try something different.
  2. He’s simply tired of you and wants out.
  3. He wants to show you he’s powerful and can get any woman he wants. Sexual conquest.
  4. He’s losing his sex drive and wants to re-awaken it, only in the wrong manner!
  5. he doesn’t think anything of you or this relationship both of you are in.
  6. He simply lacks the ability to commit to anyone.
  7. Maybe he’s not getting enough attention from you anymore.
  8. He’s greedy, lustful!
  9. He lacks maturity.
  10. He will fall in love with anything in skirts or tight trousers and that’s within reach.

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