Get paid blogging: Why Yllix?


If your blog has enough traffic (Look on alexa, if your blog is below 1 million, you may join Yllix Now) You can get your payment sent to you when you make up to one dollar.

Here below is how yoou can play safe with Yllix ad formats:

Banner ads : These are just normal banner ads like all other ad networks like Adsense.

Safe HTTPS Banner ads : These are safe ads and they do not contain any ads which are unsafe to the visitors. This avoids the displaying of malware or virus ads.

Slider ads : These ads get more clicks because they are very bif in size. They are like a large vertical billboard which are displayed in right or left side of the blog.

Mobile redirects : I don’t recommend this to anyone. Because Google hates redirects. That’s why i won’t use them. All your traffic is redirected to the sponsors website and you lose all your traffic. (THIS IS THE AD FORMAT THAT GOT MY FORMER SITE OUT OF SEARCH ENGINES)

Layer ads : These are ads which are displayed as a page ( layer ) in the page and the visitor has the option to close it, if he didn’t like it.

Popup ads : This format is very good but not recommended by me. Using popup’s irritates users and he/she will never visit your blog again.

These are the ad formats which are offered by yllix.

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