These are the products you can exports from Nigeria


Export from Nigeria to other countries

Export from Nigeria abroad Nigerian farmers keep on growing and producing more products. Nigeria does not only satisfy local people’s needs but it now exports food to other people in the world. The main agricultural products in Nigeria are rice, cassava, ginger, cocoa butter, and nuts. But in recent years, the country has lost its place as one of the world’s largest exporter of cocoa and palm oil. According to U.S. Department of State Country Commercial Guide, Nigeria’s total agricultural income is estimated to be approximately US$1.6 billion per year. There have been a lot of efforts made to improve the agriculture sector. These days, Nigerian farmers and big companies do not only supply food to the local population, but export food to different countries. In Nigeria, the agriculture sector takes the second place after oil sector and is the highest priority sector of the Nigerian government to develop. So because it is very profitable, it is crucial to export some products and earn money? Let’s look what kind of products Nigerians grow and export. Read Full Article