Best way to craft a business proposal in Nigeria


There are new dimensions to how we do things every time. Now you can apply that to the art of proposal writing. The guys over at Naij have new ideas. Let’s check them out.

Business plan creation:


Every successful entrepreneur can say with confidence that one of the most important parts of business organization is having a good business plan. It is necessary so that you can visualize your goals and how much money to invest in each step of the project development. Besides, he or she must know when the next expenses, as well as the first profit, is to be expected.

Having a business plan can help you find partners or investors for the business and also to get a loan for starting or developing the company. Before we will explain how to write a high-quality business plan let’s try to figure out- what is a business plan and what types of business plans exist? What is a business plan? A business plan is a document or a guide that describes an idea of the project, business processes and mechanisms for their implementation to achieve the goals stated by the author of the document (business plan).

Top types of the business plans in Nigeria:

Investment business plan It is created for investors and describes the features of the future enterprise and contains detailed data on marketing research.

Enterprise business plan

This type of business plan is the most popular kind created by beginners. The standard form is used here. A loan plan This one is required to get a loan from a bank. It shows how much you need for the loan, how the funds will be spent and when the loan will be returned. To date, lending for small businesses is very popular.

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