North Korea gets new sanction, says USA is ‘fired up’ for confrontation


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A defiant North Korea has “categorically rejected” a UN Security Council resolution to step up sanctions against the country, saying the United States was “fired up” for confrontation and would soon face the “greatest pain” it had ever experienced.

Key points:

  • Japan and South Korea prepared to apply more pressure if North Korea refused to end weapons program
  • North Korea ambassador says United States is “fired up for political, economic, and military confrontation”
  • China’s official Xinhua news agency says US is making a mistake by rejecting diplomatic engagement

Major US allies in Asia on Tuesday welcomed the unanimous vote to ban North Korea’s profitable textile exports and cap fuel supplies to the reclusive North after its sixth nuclear test.

Japan and South Korea said after the passage of the US-drafted Security Council resolution they were prepared to apply more pressure if North Korea refused to end its aggressive development of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

Monday’s decision was the ninth sanctions resolution unanimously adopted by the 15-member Security Council since 2006 over North Korea’s ballistic missile and nuclear programs.

A tougher initial US draft was weakened to win the support of China, Pyongyang’s main ally and trading partner, and Russia, both of which hold veto power in the council.