Price of foodstuffs go lower in Nigeria


FoodstuffIn Osun, a comparative pattern was seen in various parts of the state, particularly at significant markets in Osogbo and Ile-Ife. A yam merchant at Itakogun showcase, Ile-Ife, Christiana Alani, said that five major tubers of yam, beforehand sold for N4,000 now cost N2,500.

Mrs. Alani included that five little tubers which cost N1,200 before, now offer for N800. She said that a little pack and a measure of maize, which sold for N24,000 and N350, now cost N21,000 and N300 individually.

Additionally, in Alekuwodo market in Osogbo, five major tubers of yam now cost N,3000 as against N4,500 before, while a pack of maize offers for N22,000 against N24,000 beforehand.

Tawa Ahmed, a food dealer at the market, credited the fall in the costs of foodstuffs to the continuous harvest of homestead deliver.

“Generally, costs of foodstuffs descend at this time of year yet before the finish of October, there might be slight changes in the costs,” Mrs. Ahmed said.

In actuality, in any case, Taye Babatunde, a foodstuff merchant at Oja Tuntun, noticed that the cost of beans had stayed high over the most recent couple of months as a pack of white beans offers for N40,000 while a plastic measure costs N650.

Mrs. Babatunde said that a pack of sweet beans, which was some time ago sold for N25,000 and a plastic measure for N700, now costs N30,000 and N750 separately.

At Igbonna advertise in Osogbo, a sack of dark colored beans pulls in N33,000, as against the underlying cost of N29,000 while a plastic measure, which once in the past cost N600 now costs N700.